Adding docs for Body for REST API Browser

I don’t know what is needed to have the Body of a REST api showing up in the API REST Browser.

Example, for some of ours apps the API REST Browser shows the body:

And in other apps the body is empty:

I cannot find out the difference and what is required to make it appear?
Both apps seem to use similar annotations etc, but for one it shows up, for the other not.

I can’t find any documentation or example on how to ensure the docs are shown in the API REST Browser.

Things tried / explored:

  • For the working app we also have Swagger annotations. However, they don’t seem to influence the REST API explorer. I removed the Swagger annotations and I still get docs?
  • The docs mention a application-doc.xml. However, there isn’t such a file on both apps. An placeholder applicaiton-doc.xml seems to be generated.
  • I see this in the build:
    jira:6.3.21:generate-rest-docs (default-generate-rest-docs)
    Do I have to declare something in the build mabye to generate docs?