Adding HTML macro to a new page and inputting text from a pre-generated .html file

I need to create a new page that displays html from a local html file with the html macro. I know how to create the page but I can’t get the HTML to work without error. I have seen the confluence html macro page but I must be doing something wrong. I get one of the following errors each time.

< was unexpected at this time.

The system cannot find the file specified.

{"statusCode":500,"data":{"authorized":false,"valid":true,"allowedInReadOnlyMode":true,"errors":[],"successful":false},"message":"","reason":"Internal Server Error"}

Right now to start with im just trying to get the example from the page I mentioned, so I mainly need help with that, but if you also have tips on how to change it to display the html file i have instead of writing the html in the line of code that would be appreciated.

Here is an example of what i’m trying:

curl -L -X POST "myCompanyUrl" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer OTY0Mjc3..." -d "{\"type\": \"page\",\"ancestors\": [{\"id\": 411198264}],\"title\": \"New page with macro attach\",\"space\": {\"key\": \"4150\"},\"body\": {\"storage\": {\"value\": \"<ac:structured-macro ac:name=\\"html\\"> <ac:plain-text-body><![CDATA[<a href=\\"\">Click here</a> to see the <b>Atlassian</b> website.]]></ac:plain-text-body></ac:structured-macro>\",\"representation\": \"storage\"}}}"

I need it to work by pasting it in cmd prompt and I am very new to Confluence API so please keep this in mind.

Partial solution: The HTML part works if you replace all of the escaped quotes in the plain-text-body part with single quotes.