Adding macros to the manifest requires app reinstallation and breaks existing embeds

As the name suggests, I noticed that when I add a macro to an existing Confluence forge app (with existing macro(s)), I have to re-install the app for the new macro to appear in the macrobrowser or shortcut list. What is even more concerning is that existing macros from this app (embedded in confluence pages) are now broken.

Changes made to manifest.yml:

  • config/resource/resolver/resource names were adjusted for existing macros
  • new macro entry added
  • re-ordered macros under modules->macro
  • adjusted resource paths

Changes made to forge UI:

  • additional file for new macro

Changes made to custom UI:

  • reorganized and renamed code folder structure

I made a point of NOT changing existing macro keys because I assumed this would be (the only) breaking behavior for pre-existing embedded macros.

I observed the broken macros and re-install requirements in dev mode. In production, I assume the “re-install” will be a simple “update to latest version” for end-users.
My question is, will end-user existing embedded macros break (as it did for me in dev)? If so, are there specific actions I took that caused this? Or will any changes to a macro config in the manifest result in broken existing embeds?


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