Adding support for group ID along with group name in REST APIs

G’day Atlassian Developer community!

This is an early communication regarding the changes we are making to APIs that have group name field. We are also adding support for group ID field to them, as described below. This is a detailed version of the changelog update.

What is changing?

There are multiple Ecosystem APIs that have group name in them, but eventually we plan to shift towards using group ID . Hence, we will add support for group ID .

Both group ID and group name will be:

Note: This can be referenced as something else, for example, an identifier in other entity APIs

  • Accepted as query parameter/ request body. For example, in the “Bulk get groups” API, it will accept group ID .

Why is it changing?

As you may know, Jira does not offer the functionality to rename groups. To enable it, we need to change the REST APIs to use group ID instead of group name as the identifier. This change is the first step towards the final state where only groupID will be used as the identifier.

When is the change happening?

In the upcoming months, tentatively till July 22, we will make changes to the relevant REST APIs to support group ID along with group name. You might have already started to see these changes in some of the public APIs. The documentation for these will be updated on DAC accordingly.

What do I need to do?

As of now, no action is required. Once all the changes in relevant APIs are completed, a formal deprecation notice will be posted in the changelog. We will make sure that you get sufficient time to accommodate with these changes. Starting with deprecation notice, the support for the group name across the relevant REST APIs will be deprecated and we will ask you to depend on group ID as an identifier.

Thank you in advance for acknowledging this and for your continued support. We will keep you updated on any further changes and actions required related to this change.

Please feel free to reply to this thread in case of any queries or suggestions.


Varad, Jira PM


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