Adding support for site rename


We have assembled a team here in Atlassian to make the necessary changes to enable our cloud customers to rename their site name. Currently site renames are performed via export and import of sites, which has previously caused issues for Connect apps due to duplication of records. In order to prevent those issues, we had to exclude Connect apps during the export process. As a result, a site would lose all the Connect apps during export and they have to be installed again once imported. When the site rename functionality becomes available, there will be no longer any need to perform the export and import, as a result Connect apps will not be impacted. Well, not quite, keep reading.

In order to provide this functionality in a timely manner, we have decided to leverage an existing lifecycle method, ‘installed’, to update the installation and send a new payload with the new base URL of the site. Everything else will be the same, and the payload will be signed with the existing shared secret.

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This will be welcomed by customers, us included.

What is the timing for this?
Are there any restrictions on how many tines I can rename (test instances, for example)?

Nick Muldoon, Easy Agile


Hi @nick - I’m the product manager working on rolling out this capability, working with @natashbar on this project. To answer your two questions:

  1. We’re progressively rolling this out to Jira and Confluence Cloud customers over the next couple of months, beginning with Confluence, and will gradually enable this for customers over this period.
  2. We’ve set a limit of 5 renames for the time being, with any subsequent renames requiring Support involvement. Once this has been rolled out to all customers we’ll monitor the volume of site rename requests, and adjust this limit if required.

Let me know if you have any more questions!


Hi @nginige,

Thank you for sharing more information.
When do you expect the first rename to take place?

You’re starting with Confluence. Does this mean you will start with customers who only use Confluence?

Thank you,


Hi @Maarten - there’s some more work that needs to land internally before we open this up for admins to rename their site on a selective basis. All going to plan, I expect this to happen in the next few weeks. We’re already testing rename capabilities on internal Atlassian sites, and the results are looking good, so far.

At this point we’ll limit to Confluence only - this is reflective of when different sets of changes will be deployed, as opposed to any specific prioritisation decision. We’ll be enabling this for Jira (and Jira + Confluence) sites as soon as the necessary changes have been deployed, again hopefully in the next few weeks.


Hi @nginige

Is it possible to enable Jira renames in some instances so we can test how Jira and our addons will behave before you open the feature to everybody else? it would be nice to proactively update our addon before installations are broken due to renames.



Just to clarify, users/admins can rename the site name - is that the subdomain/prefix portion off the url, i.e.
Assuming this is not the ability to also use a custom domain (i.e.


@andy.ennamorato, this project only addresses renaming the subdomain/prefix portion, but using a custom domain is definitely a next step once we accomplish this.


Makes sense! Thanks for the clarification.