Addition of new context to "configure custom field"

Hi Guys,

I’ve created a new custom field type. I want to add to its configuration page an option called “Allow multiple values” that do a certain logic as shown in the attached screen.
How can I customize this page?
thanks in advance,

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Hello everyone,

Did anyone had the chance to look on the above? Your help is much appreciated.


Hi, @rosy.salame.

Apologies for the late response. I’m trying to grasp what you’ve done so far and the context of the challenge.

So far this is my understanding, please correct me if I missed on anything:

  1. You created a server app (P2 plugin) with a new custom field type.
  2. The Requirement custom field in the screenshot, what is the custom field type? Is it part of the default custom field types or not?
  3. Do you require a free text format or a predefined list (like options) will do?