Additional properties with bulk create issue


I’m using this endpoint: to create issues in bulk.
Is there a way I can post some additional data with the request body that will be sent back to me with the response and will be tied to each issue ID I get back?
For example something like this:

"fields": {
        "summary": "Main order flow broken",
        "issuetype": {
          "id": "10000"
        "myCusotmId": "my-custom-id-123"

And then in the response I would expect something like:
{ “id”: 10000, “key”: “KEY-1”, “self”: “http://some.url”, “myCustomId”: “my-custom-id-123” }

The thing is I’ve got some entities (let’s say blog posts) which I create issues off of and I need to keep track which entity an issue belong to.