Addon project permission and next-gen projects

Hi team,

I’m migrating our addon to support next-gen project. Our addon uses project permissions in order to show or not a functionality in the issue screen.

Historically, a Jira admin is in charge of assigning permission to users by updating the permissions schemas. As far as I can tell, in next-gen, project admins should be in charge now to do the same thing.

I have created a next-gen scrum project to test this but I could not find the screen that allows project admin to assign project permissions in general. Has this been implemented? Do you have an issue I can watch?

Without this, customers are not able to enable some of our features in next-gen!



Hi @fboucquez,

We recently shipped this capability. Please see this community post - I hope this meets your needs.

In addition, we’re working on exposing add-on permissions in project permissions.


@AbhinayaSinha is there an issue to watch for add-on permissions in next-gen?


You would be glad to know we’ve shipped this capability recently. Please see this community blog post for details -