Addon uninstalls itself shortly after installation

I have an evaluator who installs my app and claims that it uninstalls itself a few minutes later. Has anyone else encountered this and if so, is there something that can be done?


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Had the same issue a month ago. The customer tried to install my app over multiple days. The uninstall callback always arrived exactly 4 minutes after install. I raised it to DEVHELP. They gave it to customer support and I never heard back. :thinking:

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We’ve already seen such problem a couple of times. We have learned that if there is a problem with the billing, the ability to install apps is disabled. Atlassian is aware of this problem

Hi @RhysDiab,

One of the common reasons why this happens is because the instance has gone beyond the free tier and app subscriptions are suspended.


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Hi @acalantog,

Maybe you could present this issue internally. I was told by the support that this is a rare case and maybe it is, but we have already got more than 11 tickets form customers that were unable to install trial. I can only wonder how many just gave up. The behavior is really strange, you can click Trial but after exactly 4 minutes an app uninstalls. There is no message, or any clue that would direct customers what is wrong, and what they need to do to make it work.

This happens when you go to Jira Settings -> Find new apps -> click Try it free, while having billing issues.

I think, that as a temporary solution, Atlassian could at least block this button.

When you try to report a ticket on Atlassian support page on behalf of customer, fill the instance url and you will see message:

Your Cloud site has expired due to inactivity or payment issues. If you need to update payment details you can do so online at, or continue raising a support request if you need assistance with this

We just noticed this issue with user who has open source license for Confluence

It’s strange that users are not informed about this limitation when signing up.

Hi @acalantog, do you know if Atlassian have any plans to change the UI in a way that customers are not confused. We have yet another client that have tried to install the app for a week now. It is hard to explain him that is not our fault.

Right now it seems that there is something wrong with the app itself. Customers have no clue that something with billing is wrong.