ADF for a Media type content unable to render inside a dynamic macro

Is it not possible at the moment?
Here’s the ADF of a media content that’s rendering successfully outside our macro

      "type": "mediaSingle",
      "attrs": {
        "layout": "center"
      "content": [
          "type": "media",
          "attrs": {
            "__fileSize": 498127,
            "__fileMimeType": "image/png",
            "width": 1280,
            "id": "696601aa-42ec-42da-a72b-674e80398ec2",
            "collection": "contentId-7176193",
            "type": "file",
            "__fileName": "cloudrun.png",
            "height": 394

We tried the exact same ADF but it failed to render inside our macro.
We expected it to work because we are using @atlaskit/editor-core.
Anyone tried this and got it to work?
What am I missing?