ADF in Jira Cloud

I’ve noticed ADF (atlassian document format) content showing up in jira cloud in certain API’s.

Is there an official roadmap or anything we can follow to see availability of ADF across various APIs?
Also, does anyone know whether the new Atlaskit Editor is coming to Jira Cloud?


ADF was introduced in version 3 of the Cloud API, but this is still at beta stage and version 2 will continue to work. See Version and URI on the API reference for details.

Updates are announced in Latest updates on and there’s a Trello board for the roadmap.

There’s also a weekly blog post summarising recent changes to Cloud services, but covering more than just API changes.

Hi @mhowells
That’s great, especially the weekly blog post, but how can we subscribe to them? I see no “Watch” button, not RSS feed, …