ADG 3 Illustrations

The design guidelines used to have a page with illustrations that match the new style. We’re gratefully using these illustrations for empty states and onboarding purposes.

I can’t seem to find this page with illustrations anymore. Has it moved somewhere else, disappeared completely or is it temporarily unavailable? (or do I just need more coffee today?)


I assume this is different then the sketch / photoshop files you were asking for here The Photoshop and Sketch files of ADG3

Yes, these are different files. The topic you linked to was about a file containing UI elements, which could be used to design interfaces. I’m asking about illustrations with the new meeples, objects and such.

There used to be two pages about these illustrations. One page was about how to use the illustrations, this page is still available: The other page contained zip files for each illustration, with a .svg and a .png file in them.

Here are some examples of the illustrations that we could download on the page:

Hey Maarten,

The new illustrations have been made internal only on the design site as we want to make sure they’re used for their intended purposes within the products. We would like to better understand your use cases for illustrations - can you share more information on what you need from us?

Sorry for the confusion.

Hi Lucy,

That is unfortunate, we have used illustrations to make our add-ons feel part of the new Atlassian experience. Here are some examples:

We recently implemented new empty states to match the new design better:

We also use illustrations in our onboarding flow. These are obviously still in the ADG2 style, so we have to update them soon. But you get the idea:

Hi Lucy,

I’d love to use the illustrations in my Atlassian-related presentations, first of all at the Atlassian User Groups but at work as well from time to time. It’s a great template and it looks even better if you can use these illustrations, meeples and icons.



Thanks for shedding light on your use cases Maarten and Maarten! I’ll take this back to our team this week, and I’ll keep you updated on progress.


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This is what we need to do at Forty8Fifty also, and I thought from watching the videos these were intended for third-party developers to use too. If not, please let me know so I can develop an icon and illustration set for us to use in apps and presentations about them. Thank you!

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Hello, colleagues.

Is there any chance to get these brand new ADG 3 illustrations in .eps format for Atlassian Experts’ needs?

Thank you.

Checking in on this. I would love to be able to use the illustration in the apps where it’s kinda blank right now (kinda like Atlassian does). I’d rather not have to create my own…

@ldenton any updates?