ADG2 Design Guidelines links are dead

I noted this problem on the AUI project a while back but hopefully I can grab someone’s attention here. It seems the addition of ADG3 docs has knocked out the links to the ADG2 docs. It now returns a 404 response. Is there somewhere else I should make this known?


@jcheung and @ldenton can you help out @mike1 ?

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It looks like we did not set up redirects for the old URLs. I’ll file a bug for that. Meanwhile:

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Thank you @ksnow and @pvandevoorde (and anyone else involved)!

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I’ve setup redirects so these links should go to the latest doc. Thanks for reporting this issue.

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Thank you for fixing!

Hi, thanks for fixing this.

You also might want to add redirects from* to* – we had a saved links like which don’t work now.

Also, it’s impossible to navigate from front page to ADG2 documentation. Neither from


Thanks @sereda I fixed the first issue with redirect.

I’ll raise an issue to make ADG2 documentation more accessible

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