Admin configuration form for spring boot


I would like to create an admin page for a Jira Cloud app using spring boot. Is there any documentation that could provide some information about this topic?

I have found only this link which is for server.

AC Spring boot does not include any information related to this topic.

Thank you in advance.


Hi @kwsthsv,

please see the reference documentation for Jira Cloud Connect modules.

atlassian-connect-spring-boot provides no functionality specific to Admin Pages, which is why it is not covered in the documentation.


Hi @epehrson,

Thank you for your quick response. Since I am newbie in Jira Cloud plugin development, what are my options to develop a plugin which consumes a 3rd party api and sends back results to a Jira plugin page?
I had the impression that atlassian-connect-spring-boot is an alternative of Connect (Javascript API and set of JWT/OAuth security rules).

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@kwsthsv per our Cloud development platform overview, two of our development platforms support UI extensibility: Forge (2019) and Connect (2013). Atlassian recommends developers to build apps on Forge whenever possible.

I had the impression that atlassian-connect-spring-boot is an alternative of Connect (Javascript API and set of JWT/OAuth security rules).

Connect defines a protocol for integrating a remotely hosted web app with Jira and Confluence Cloud. atlassian-connect-spring-boot, one of our Connect frameworks, isn’t an alternative as such, but rather provides a Spring-based implementation of the optional server part of such an integration.

@epehrson thanks! I appreciate your answer. Could you give me your input in the following:

  • Forge is available only for node.js (express). There is no other language support e.g. java to build an app/plugin for Cloud. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  • Jira cloud app (in Forge) can consume an external/remote service (through rest api)? Or this is a case where Spring boot Connect Framework app can be used? So ac-spring-boot app consume the external service and will send the results back to the Cloud app?

  • Is there any architectural diagram which describes how Cloud app and Connect are integrated ?

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@kwsthsv sure.

  1. Yes, there is currently only a JavaScript runtime for Forge functions.
  2. You can use the Fetch API to call external services. There is extended support for OAuth 2.0-protected APIs.
  3. See Connect concepts for an introduction.


Perfect. Thank you for the information you provided.
3. is what I was looking for :grinning:
2. I checked the documentation for Fetch API. Is it implemented only for GET methods? or does it support other verbs e.g POST / PUT?
Can this also be used for external GraphQL or only for the Atlassian one?