Advanced Notice of Atlassian Connect Express 8.0.0 based on NodeJS 18

Greetings Developer Community,

We’ve just provided advanced notice of upcoming updates to Atlassian Connect Express.

In preparation for NodeJS 14 reaching EOL on the 30th of April 2023, we are planning to release ACE 8.0.0 with NodeJS 18 support. We have released a beta version of ACE 8.0.0 to assist with the upgrade to NodeJS 18.

Please take some time to test your Connect app with the ACE 8.0.0-beta package and do not hesitate to reply if you have any problems or concerns.

Please have a look at the changelog entry for more details.


Is there an option for ACE to benefit from having a search API in both browsers and nodejs to provide a replacement to the deprecated request?

Am I crazy or are there no more details there? Where is the actual change log here? “Test and hope you catch everything” doesn’t seem like a great strategy.

Edit: Looks like Bitbucket is our best bet.

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@JamesD, is there a chance, that the new ACE version will also fix the known vulnerabilities pointed out in another thread?

Atlassian-connect-express (ace) vulnerability in deprecated dependency

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Hi @jack ,
For the benefit of others possibly watching that thread, I’ve posted a reply.

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Hi All, we have just released ACE 8.0.0.
Also, please see the change log entry for details about the vulnerability fix.

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