After listing Forge app - what will change

Hi there,

I am planning to submit our free Forge app to Market and I have few questions:

  1. After listing app in Market, app can not be installed via link from console, will be this feature disabled when I submit app for review, or after it will be published in Market?
  2. When the app is installed via Market, we will see this installation in the Console and have access to logs? (If user doesn’t disable it)
  3. Only paid apps need to have license?
  4. After the app is listed and published in Market, and I do some changes in the source code, do I need to resubmit the app for approval in order to deliver the new version of app to our users?

Thank you!

Hi Jan

Asking one of the Market teams about this. Will get back to you soon.

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Here are the answers:

  1. The documentation mentions listing so once published is my understanding
  2. Yes you can see the logs
  3. Yes only paid apps need to have license
  4. No, Any changes to the apps are detected automatically and a new version is created for that. Read more here

Hope this helps