After uploading the hello world connect tutorial, I get an error

Hello, I’m trying to complete this tutorial.

I’ve been able to:

  • view my atlassian-connect.json hosted on the ngrok URL, and accept the warning page that comes up
  • view GET requests in my command prompt for both http-server & ngrok each time I open that url directly, and when I “upload a new addon” in Jira
  • open both my atlassian-connect.json & helloworld.html at the correct localhost addresses
  • successfully upload my addon to Jira itself
  • see it listed in the Apps dropdown.

However, when I go to actually view my addon, all I get is a loading circle and then it says “Something’s gone wrong” and I should contact Atlassian support.

Has anyone seen this before? Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Thanks!

Hey, your problem matches what I had trouble with. I found a solution and posted it in my thread: