Agile API equivalent for a Greenhopper sprintreport URL


I’m looking for an easy way to display JSON equivalent of the Sprint Report i.e. a snapshot of issue statuses at sprint closure including ‘completed’, ‘incomplete’, and ‘punted’.

I’ve had success with:{BoardID}&sprintId={SprintID}

But I can’t seem to locate this capability in the JIRA Software API ( nor any of the past ‘/rest/api/’ versions.

I’m a newbie, so I may just be confused about what is what. Spoon-feeding is welcome.


Hi J,

We don’t have a direct replacement for the sprint report resource in the JIRA Software API. When we developed the API we looked at the the most common use cases and methods called in the old private greenhopper API and made sure to support them, but the sprint report resource did not make the list.

We provide a sprint_closed webhook that your add-on can listen to, and when a sprint is closed you can make a request to the “Get all issues in sprint” method à la{sprintId}/issue?fields=status to get the statuses of all the issues that were in a sprint (but obviously if you were to call that method later the statuses of issue might have changed so it’s not a direct replacement.

Thanks! Having the facts is liberating. I’ll check out the webhook option.