AI technology application for project management in Jira


I’m writing my bachelor’s degree work about AI technologies application for project management. For research part I need to explore how AI technologies help to complete project management tasks.

I have some questions and answers can help me with the research.
If some question is violating NDA, you may not answer to it.

  1. What kind of project management tasks are being solved using artificial intelligence technologies in Your product?

  2. Do You use any technologies to help project managers recruit staff/workers in a specific occupation for the project (for example, lead programmer)? If so, could You describe what parameters (for example, experience, interest for the job) the model takes into account?

  3. What kind of models are being used in Your product? (linear regression, neural network, solution tree)

  4. How did You gathered training data for the model? Did You use any publicly available sources of information?

  5. Does Your product has models trained without the “teacher/watcher”? If so, then why didn’t Your choice wasn’t made in favor of training with “teacher/watcher”?

  6. Which stage of creating the model do You consider as the hardest and most time consuming?

  7. What language/technology was used for model development? Can You recommend a technology for artificial intelligence model development?