Allow connect apps- clipboard-write access


We are currently implementing a feature in our app which will allow users to click a copy button and it will copy some content to the clipboard.

However, when using the code of navigator.clipboard.writeText('text here') we get a permission denied error in Google Chrome that the clipboard permissions are not granted as shown below.

Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 13.25.20

This is due to the fact that the iframe our app runs in does not have the ‘clipboard-write’ permission documented here.

Could Atlassian please allow this permission in a meta tag in the iframe for connect apps to allow us to be able to call this copy method.


This also affects our Connect app: Among other things, it displays an email address and a Copy button next to it. When clicking the Copy button, the address should be copied to clipboard.
Currently we have a rather nasty workaround with a hidden <textarea> and some JS incl. document.execCommand("copy"). We’d like to get rid of this, but the missing iframe permission blocks us.

Need this in my app ASAP!

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Response to your response below as you closed the thread.
@ibuchanan how do we request a feature via dev support?
There is no such ticket type.


@pch et al,

Threads here in the developer community are not considered “feature requests” by Atlassian engineering teams. Could you please submit a proper feature request through developer support?

You can open a feature request yourself in either Atlassian Connect on our Ecosystem or our bigger open Jira (JAC). I recommend the first one if you only care about Connect (use the “improvement” issue type). The 2nd one if you would value this more broadly, like also in Forge (use the “suggestion” issue type).

I’m going to lock this thread to drive others with the same problem to support, but I would be happy to post an update if you (or anyone) on this thread get an issue key.

Edit in response to @pch on how to open feature requests.

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