Allow Forge app access fails with HTTP 431 on Chrome

Testing my own Forge app in dev mode on my Jira dev instance and it is asking me to authorize the app:

Clicking Allow access leads to a 431 HTTP error:

Closing the tab changes the message to:


This may be a Chrome issue (Version 92.0.4515.107 (x86_64)) because it seems to work in Firefox. I cannot remember exactly what I did that caused the app to request permissions again but I think it came up after I added permission for images:

      - '*'

Happy to provide more details if necessary.


@tbinna from the description of 431 error, it doesn’t look like it should be browser-specific. Could you please share your app (Distribution in Dev Console) and share the installation link? I’d like to reproduce this error on my test site.

Thanks for looking into this @Dmitrii.

I just ran into another case of this issue, this time completely independent of Forge.

I have tried to open a link to an Atlassian support request (

which redirects to… (additional params client id, code etc.)

The redirect to again leads to the same 431 error page that I see in Forge. And just as with the Forge app, opening this link in Firefox works (the redirect works as expected).