Allow larger/dynamic ContentBylineItem viewportSize

confluence:contentBylineItem has a viewportSize property with 3 built-in values: small, medium, large. Setting any of them results in a fixed width/height, that cannot be overridden. Removing the entire parameter enables “automatic resizing”, however it is also limited to a fixed width (medium), so it does not automatically resize in horizontal direction.

We tried to open a modal dialog from the content byline item, but it always open inside the inline dialog.

These built-in widths/heights do not fit for our needs. We would like to display a wider content.


  1. Is there any other (undocumented) values that can be used beside small/medium/large?
  2. Is there any chance to set a custom width/height?
  3. Should “automatic resizing” resize the content also horizontally? Is it a bug?
  4. Is there any chance to open a modal dialog instead?
  5. Is there any chance to open a modal dialog from the inline dialog outside the iframe of contentBylineItem?

In the meantime I found a solution for question 5: use Custom UI Modal