Allow the app to access Atlassian products on your behalf

hello ,
can any one tell me why i can’t allow access ? i press the button but nothing happens , my application was working fine before deployement (forge tunnel)… but after it demands to allow access but nothing happens
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Hello @haithemghattas ,

We actually have a very similar issue documented in FRGE-754: Forge consent screen goes on “loop” until page refresh and I wondering if the conditions are the same.

Specifically, has anything changed recently, e.g. you upgraded you app and changed scopes or something else in the manifest file?

In the meanwhile, since we got many reports about this same exact issue in the past 2 days, I am afraid something might have changed on our side and I am therefore asking our internal teams to look into this.



We are having the exact same problem with our forge app in marketplace, after we updated to latest version -which did include a manifest change -
Reinstalling the app for existing installs was required to mitigate the problem, whereas new installs worked fine.

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Hey @dbonotto - Eduardo here, I’m part of the MindPro team (Marketplace Vendor). Just to reinforce the message and add another data point, we’re facing the exact same issue and having some headaches due to this.

Can you guys try to shed some light on this matter and confirm if this behavior is something on your end?

Consent screen it’s already pretty bad in terms of UX and friction, and eternal loops of consent screen this friction to another level

Thanks for your support,

What I found is after changing permissions and forge install --upgrade, I should not activate tunnel. I need to grant the access before starting tunnel. Then it won’t loop.


We’re looking into this but we did not manage to reproduce the issue so far. Is any of you actually able to reproduce the issue consistently?

In case anyone is, please collect a HAR file while reproducing the issue and attach it to a developers support request (DEVHELP).

You can create a DEVHELP ticket by created using the following link: Jira Service Management


I did hit the issue. It was very very consistent when it occurred but later it was fine. Not sure what fixed. I think, you need to wait for some time after granting the access. I mean do not go follow the loop. Once you grant access then wait for some time and try.


We’ve identified this issue and determined that it is a front end browser problem. After giving the app approval, when the Forge Authorise window re-displays, a refresh of the page will resolve this issue.

We’re providing updates through if you would like to keep up to date on this issue.


When I was hitting the issue, the reload was not solving the problem. Even the hard reload (cmd + shift + r) was not solving the issue.

Hi all,

Our Forge engineering team has identified a deployment that has been causing issues related to this behavior. As a mitigation step the deployment was reverted and this should fix the issue for most of the installations.

There may be some edge cases on which customers may still see issues with the grant screen being displayed on a loop, but for those a page refresh may help (more details for those edge cases to come on [FRGE-754] - Ecosystem Jira)

While we are still working towards a final fix, you can check more updates on our Developer Status Page.