Alternative for ngrok while hosting atlass connect app?

Hi Experts,

If I don’t want to use ngrok while hosting the cloud app, what is the alternative that I have?


Are you talking about going productive with your app? In that case you’ll want to have a real domain (+ certificate). Hosting on a PaaS like Heroku or Elastic Beanstalk is probably the easiest option.

Yes, that’s correct. Moreover, instead of Heroku/beanstalk, if I choose the AWS ec2 instance in which my atlas-connect app is running and after that, I will replace IP with a certified domain and finally, I will upload my app in jira cloud. Will this work?

Thanks in advance

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Yes, this should work. :slight_smile:

BTW: While working on the infrastructure for your app you might want to have a peek at the Atlassian Security requirements for cloud applications as well.

@sven.schatter Thanks for sharing this info. This is really helpful.
I see that most of the developers are preferring Heroku or Elastic Beanstalk but not AWS, is there any specific reason that you think. And even Atlassian is not recommending anything for app hosting, right?

@vedant.kulkarni Elastic Beanstalk is on AWS

An AWS environment from scratch or EC2 instance is often a lot harder to set up correctly.

Thanks, @johan.soetens for clarification. :slightly_smiling_face: I am a beginner in cloud app hosting. It is really helpful for me.

Hi @vedant.kulkarni
Did you manage to host the app on Heroku. If you managed to do that please let me
know what steps are needed to host the app on Heroku.

Hi @vedant.kulkarni / @sven.schatter,

I have developed an ace connect app and I want to host the app on heroku as that seems the best option for now. But once I run all the commands that are mentioned here (Bitbucket) and try to access the host it says “Application Error”. When I check Heroku logs it is not showing any errors. All I can see is that “App Crashed”. I don’t know what is causing this and I’m not sure how to fix this problem.

I cannot think of any other alternative due to costs issues. Please help.

I’m attaching the screenshot of the error that I’m facing below.