Alternative to the Atlassian SDK & UPM to do some things

Hi Developers,

This might be interesting for some of you.

You can run native Eclipse plugins right within Jira and deploy them in Jira with an OSGi console without using the Atlassian’s SDK nor the UPM.

Of course, you need to install this app for that.

In addition, I’ve included the RAP runtime so you can build Jira-based web applications by using the popular WindowBuilder and the Jira API, using widgets like this (similar to AUI, etc), and make applications that use the Eclipse Workbench model like this example.

I’ve created a tutorial explaining how to create a very simple Eclipse plugin running in Jira.

Briefly, RAP compiles Eclipse RCP applications (for the desktop) to the web and you use Java instead of Javascript to build your web applications.

In the future, I’ll add support for Equinox P2 (Provisioning) so it will possible to install plugins and apps from third-party Update sites like in your Eclipse IDE.


DISCLAIMER: I’m aware that vendors are encouraged do not speak about their apps here, but I think this is the natural place to do it as it for developers and not for customers. Anyway, this will be the only one post that I’ll write about this, Don’t worry!

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