Alternatives to nGrok

Hi, does anyone have good alternatives to using ngrok. ngrok for me fails (with a 404) on ajax calls (normal calls work).

Until now I have been using finch but unfortunately this is closing down.

Edit: corrected grok to ngrok

Hi Paul,

Do you mean ngrok and finch?

We use ngrok in development fairly reliably - we only hit 429 Too Many Requests every now and again.

Localtunnel used to be a service I think and is open source, but would require some tweaking to get set up.

Are you sure you’re sending AJAX requests to the right hostname?

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Hi, yes I mean ngrok (corrected original post) and the linked finch. Regarding sending the ajax calls to the right host, I only have one URL (defined in one place) that I use for for both ajax and non ajax calls so it can really be wrong. It also work perfectly in finch.

I’ll give localtunnel a go


While ngrok works fine for me, I don’t like that the URL changes in the free edition. For Bitbucket Cloud, that’s a huge headache because you have to register an OAuth client for the add-on so the change gets painful fast. I purchased the basic level of ngrok just to get a stable name. For JIRA & Confluence, ACE does the nice autoregistration, but I end up writing a lot of example code where ACE hides the details of what I’m trying to illustrate. But, it’s still one more thing to install.

So I’ve started to use Cloud 9 IDE. For me, I like how I can create new workspaces from “clean” versions of Ubuntu. That helps to keep me aware of any changes to default that I make, so I can better document the prerequisites. I also like that it uses the predictable workspace name in the URL when you “run” the application. I’ve only used Cloud 9 with Node.js, so I can’t vouch for SpringBoot.

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Gave Localtunnel a go but it quits everytime a message goes through it. Come to think about it I seem to remember that happening last time I tried it

Cloud 9 IDE is not really an option for me. I use Google App Engine and it’s fully integrated into Eclipse.

Ok after spending the entire weekend trying to get to the bottom of this and trying other alternatives like Forward, Pagekite, beame-insta-ssl,, yaler, openport… I have managed to work out that it is Google App Engine endpoints that are causing me the problem. Normal communication with Servlets is fine but the endpoints are handled differently.

I found this Stack Overflow article that said adding -host-header=“localhost:[port]” to ngrok can help. When I do this the GAE endpoints work perfectly.