AMPS 8.4.0 and 8.5.0 release notes and source

The announcements in this community as well as the release notes at AMPS SDK release notes end on AMPS 8.3.1.

However, the latest published package is 8.5.0 from June 10 (Index of maven-external/com/atlassian/maven/plugins/jira-maven-plugin).

Should we be using these newer versions for some bug fixes etc?

Where are the release notes for 8.4.0 and 8.5.0?

Is the source code for jira-maven-plugin public, so we could try and assess the changes ourselves in the absence of official release notes?


I can’t comment on the missing release notes and hope they will be made available still, but you can indeed assess the changes in the OSS licensed AMPS source code yourself:

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@konrad.garus1 , for now you can use 8.4.0 for changes, and same we will add in Official Release notes(Log in with Atlassian account).