AMPS excludes resources


I’m try to upgrade AMPS (Atlassian Maven Plugin) of our BitBucket plugin project from 6.2.11 to 8.0.2 and have encounter a problem with the new version.

Among resources of the project we have src/main/resources/new-repo-content/.gitignore file, which is actually a Velocity template. Name of the file starts with “.”.
This file is correctly copied by Maven resource plugin to target/new-repo-content, however it does not end up in the final jar (obr) with AMPS 8.0.2. In the same directory we have “” file, which does end up in the jar.

With 6.2.11 both files are the final artifacts and TemplateRenderer can find them at runtime.

On I failed to find any configurations, which would influence this behaviour of AMPS. Does it have anything like “addDefaultExcludes”?

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