Amps Version and Bitbucket server Version

I want to create a plugin with bitbucket server version5.2.2 and Amps version6.2.11,but when I atlas-debug, it will have too much errors, by the way the version of my atlassian plugin sdk is 6.3.10。
I don’t know how to specify amps version in the pom, so it log something like this “You are running AMPS plugin version “6.3.15” but your pom is using version no-version-defined”.

Hi @yelijahyang,

You can specify the AMPS version by adding a -u 6.2.11 at the end of your SDK command.

For example, to run a standalone instance of Bitbucket version 5.2.2:

atlas-run-standalone --product bitbucket --version 5.2.2 --data-version 5.2.2 -u 6.2.11

Or, if you’ve already created a bitbucket plugin using the atlassian plugin sdk you can run it using:

atlas-run -u 6.2.11

Otherwise, it will be run using the default for the version of the Atlassian Plugin SDK you have installed (you can check what version of AMPS is being used by running ‘atlas-version’).

Please also note, you can raise a bug at in the Atlassian Plugin SDK project if you’re seeing errors you don’t believe you should be.

I hope this helps!


There are two different versions being discussed here:

  • The AMPS version (6.2.11), and
  • The Atlassian SDK version (6.3.10)

AMPS is the Atlassian Maven Plugin Suite, and is used by the Atlassian SDK when developing an app using Maven. AMPS 6.2 cannot be used with Bitbucket Server 5.x (any version). You need to use at least AMPS 6.3.0 (and preferably newer, like 6.3.21 or 8.0.0) to develop apps for Bitbucket Server 5.x.

Note that, even if the Atlassian SDK you have installed defaults to a given version of AMPS–like Atlassian SDK 6.3.10 defaulting to AMPS 6.3.15–the Maven POM for your app can specify a different AMPS version which overrides it. You’d want to check your POM for something like <amps.version>, or you could search it for “6.2.11” and see if you got any matches, to try and find the right value to change to 6.3.21.

Bitbucket Server 5.0 switched from deploying in a standalone Tomcat container to using Spring Boot to bundle Tomcat inside the application. AMPS 6.2 and prior attempt to start Bitbucket Server by deploying it into a Tomcat container, but that doesn’t work with the Spring Boot “thick war” for Bitbucket Server 5.x. I updated AMPS in 6.3.0 to detect Bitbucket Server 5.x and deploy it as a Spring Boot application (while continuing to deploy Bitbucket Server 4.x using a Tomcat container).

This is likely a year or so too late to help you much, but hopefully if anyone else runs into this this answer will help them!

Best regards,
Bryan Turner
Atlassian Bitbucket