AMPS wrongly flags org.json:json as banned for Bamboo


We updated APMS to 8.15.0 and now get a org.json:json flagged as banned.

But checking the platform module version matrix, we can see that it is not provided by Bamboo itself.

@MartynaWojtas Can you confirm that it’s ok to exclude it from the banned check for Bamboo?
And can we get that fixed in AMPS?
Thanks in advance.


Thanks for reporting this, I’ve noticed in my own work that some of the AMPS banned dependencies have been agressive for things the products do not provide over OSGi. I’m raising this internally.

Please if you notice more things, that are too optimistically banned, say them here!

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I checked Bamboo and it is exposing org.json:json it’s just the module usage report wiki is wrong. Please set this dependency as provided scope. If you have any problems, please mention here


Thank you for helping with this issue @mkemp!
@MarkusSutterMibexSof please let us know in case you need further assistance.