An early Holiday gift from us to you



Hi folks,

Our developer community is going strong (we now have over 2700 members) and has some amazing content, created by all of you.

As a surprise, we want to give you an early holiday present, a way to show off your contributions and expertise in our community.


And not just random fun badges, these badges will be a testament to your skills, your expertise, and your status. They will be visible on both your profile page and when somebody hovers over your avatar.

Aim high and try to get 100 accepted solutions, which will give you this rare Black Atlassian badge:


Or try and get the full collection of product specific badges:

Or any of the other badges available right now, check our list on how to obtain them:

We salute you and thank you for being part of our team.

Warmest regards,
The Atlassian Ecosystem Team

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