An open-source tutorial to discover Forge

Hey kiddo, wanna learn Forge by generating random people ?

Hi everyone,

Here is an open-source exercise to discover and learn Forge fundamentals:

Originally, this was an internal training for our developers at Elements (and was about cat pictures). But we think it can be useful for the entire Atlassian community, and even more if it’s a shared effort :slight_smile:

The tutorial is hosted here (using GitHub Pages):

An implementation / solution of this exercise is available in the repository, for those who need a little help to progress.

We would be happy if actors of the Atlassian community want to contribute on this tutorial. See the file for ways to get started.

Also, don’t hesitate to open an issue if you find an error in this tutorial :wink:

Hope it will help some people!


@clement_garin Thank you for making this tutorial. I’m sure its going to be helpful for a lot of people.

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