An pom.xml issue when importing a plugin into Eclipse

I started learning the development of JIRA plugins. I installed Atlassian SDK (6.3.10). I created a very simple plugin by using


and ollowing the example here:

When I imported the generated plugin into Eclipse, a few issues were reported in pom.xml. I was able to resolve all of them except this one:

Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration: com.atlassian.plugin:atlassian-spring-scanner-maven-plugin:1.2.13:atlassian-spring-scanner (execution: default, phase: process-classes)

How can I fix this?

Thanks for help!


You can ignore few errors, just build the plugin and see whether it will success or fail, if it fails then share the error message so that we can help you to fix that error.


  1. during import “Resolve All Later”, then Finish
  2. Click on the pomn.xml, edit it in text view, scroll to the build>plugins>plugin causing the problem, click on the yellow blob in the left margin
  3. In the Problems view, you’ll see a highlighted problem, right click on that and choose Quick Fix
  4. Mark goal as ignored in pom.xml
  5. Repeat until such problems are cleared.

Hi @smithdavis112233,

Did you import your project as an “Existing Maven Projects”? If so, you can do the following to fix it:

  1. Using command line, go to your project directory
  2. Run atlas-mvn eclipse:eclipse (it’ll generate files to make eclipse happy)
  3. Go to eclipse, if your project is already imported then delete the project (but not the contents), if it is not yet imported then go to the next step
  4. Import your project as General > Existing Projects into Workspace

That should remove those errors.