Analytics for Jira Cloud and Server Apps

Hey guys,

We recently started considering using analytics for our Jira Cloud and Server App. We want to be able to track how much some of our features are used (e.g. firing custom events every time someone clicks on specific buttons). We ended up choosing Google Analytics via gtag.js to send events ( Everything looks fine and the events are being recorded but it seems browsers with active AdBlockers block these requests and nothing is recorded. We will (of course) give the users the option to turn off this feature from our App in our configuration but asking them to turn off their AdBlocker in addition to that seems a bit too much.

Has anyone done something related to that before? Is there a way to go around this limitation? What do you guys use for your analytics in the Cloud/Server Apps if it’s not Google Analytics? Does anyone use a server-side solution?



Hi Georgi,

Currently we are thinking about adding analytics to out plugins too, so this is important topic for us.
We have some concerns that Atlassian may not officially support analytics built in apps to protect customers personal information. I could not find any official information on this. Did you consult with Altassian about this? Did not you face any problems related to GDPR policy while implementation apps analytics?

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Hi Tatiana,
We haven’t consulted with Atlassian, that’s why we asked this question :slight_smile: At any rate, we will always require users’ agreement to collect data for Google analytics and only if they agree, we will enable our code. We ended up implementing the standard GA library for single page applications ( We are still in testing period so nothing has been released yet. We are hoping that users’ agreement will be sufficient to achieve our goal and not cause any GDPR violations.


Hi Georgi,
Thanks for your reply. I’m wondering because I’ve decided to ask Atlassian first, and their answer was that they against any kind of analytics for this purpose (to track customers using of apps functionality). They only allow to use some built in solutions to track errors and crashes of apps, but also with customers agreement only (so customers must have ability to turn this option off).
I was hoping that you have another answer from them and you have any information that would make me sure we can make it 100% legal and Atlassian supported :slight_smile:
Anyway, thanks for your answer, and I will appreciate if you will write here later with any news on this topic.


Hi guys,

Do you have any news on this?.
We are also considering using GTM for some events.
@Tatiana where did you get the answer? I would like to ask to Atlassian team too.
Meanwhile we will consider adding the turn off feature, thats a good idea




Any updates here?