Announcement: Bamboo 8.0 Data Center - Early Access Program

We’re preparing for Bamboo 8.0, which will be our first Data Center release. To make sure our app vendors and customers with written in-house apps are prepared, we’re launching Bamboo 8.0 Early Access Program (EAP).

This release will bring a number of breaking changes related to Lucene, CVS, and Mercurial support. More information can be found in the release notes.

What are the new features available in this EAP?

  • Improved build resilience - eliminates the loss of long-running builds in the event of an outage
  • Cold standby HA - enforces redundancy and enables a quick recovery from outages.

This release does not include all new features that will be part of the final 8.0 release, as the focus of this EAP is getting feedback on the two core DC features.


Step 1: Binaries

Step 2: License key

  • Note this license includes 1,000 agents and will expire on Jul 31, 2021

Important things to note about this EAP

  • This release should not be used in a production environment .

Your feedback is of great value!

Please share any feedback or questions you might have by commenting under this post and our developer team will get back to you.

Important documentation

Release notes

Bamboo Data Center Early Access Program - general information

Bamboo Data Center requirements

Installing Bamboo Data Center

Agents in Bamboo Data Center

Bamboo DC local agents

Non-clustered (single node)

Running Bamboo Data Center on a single node

Moving back to Server

Clustered (multi-node)

Clustering with Bamboo Data Center

Bamboo home migration

Configuring shared home location

Home directory folder list

Set up a Bamboo Data Center cold standby


@MartynaWojtas - Good luck to the team on the upcoming initial DC release - and a clean 8.0 version number too! :boom:


Thank you @DaveLiao!

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