Announcement: changes to /rest/api/2/mypermissions (Get my permissions)

Hi everyone,

We’ve recently introduced a new query parameter to the Get my permissions resource. Previously, the resource would return all permissions defined on the Jira instance, now the list is limited to the keys provided in the permissions query parameter.

Not sending the parameter is deprecated, and we are planning to start rejecting such requests starting from 1 February 2019.

You can find more details here: Change notice - Get my permissions resource now requires the permissions query parameter.

Krzysztof Kercz
Jira Cloud Ecosystem


Hi @kkercz,

I’m wondering, why is this parameter not required still?


We were still seeing some requests without the parameter and didn’t want to break those without understanding first where they are coming from and why. It seems those have been fixed, though, so we should make the parameter required any time now!

Heads up everyone that this change that was announced back in July of last year is going to be rolling out very soon. If you’re using any Get My Permissions resources/methods, you must pass the permissions parameter. If that parameter is not passed, the methods will throw a 400 error.


Thanks for the heads up. Do you have any more specific timing than “very soon”?


Hi there! I’m curious to know the timeframe for this change also. Some clients have started seeing 400 errors I’m guessing because we need to accommodate this change. Curiously it’s not impacting everyone. Is this a staged rollout?

Is there any way to get all the permission without passing comma separated

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