Announcing a new Dashboards experience - sign up for early access to test your Dashboard add-ons

What’s changing and why?

We’re excited to announce our plans to release a faster Jira Dashboards experience to our customers in Jira Cloud. Our new experience modernises our tech stack, improving dashboard and gadget load times. Minor UX improvements have also been included to align with Atlassian’s design guidelines.

This announcement is relevant to you if you are a Jira Cloud developer who has released a Connect app which has Dashboard or Gadget-related functionality.

What do I need to do?

There are no changes to the API specification with this release, which means your Connect apps that have Dashboard or Gadget-related functionality should continue to work without an update. However, because some APIs have been rewritten, we would like to invite all interested vendors to early access testing, to ensure your apps continue to function as intended.

Please sign up by going to this link:

We will be in touch via e-mail with next steps. Please note that during the holiday period (24 December 2020 - 4 January 2021), it may take some time to add your instance(s) to our EAP. We will strive to respond to queries on a best-effort basis.

By when do I need to do this testing?

Our Early Access program to vendors will last until January 8, 2021, 11:59PM PDT. After this date, we plan to begin progressively rolling out the new experience to customers.

Tell us how we can help

For any feedback on our experience, feel free to lodge a ticket on our developer service desk here.

Marcus Wong
Product Manager | Jira Shared Experiences


Hi @MarcusWong - this is awesome news.
Does this mean that users can decide to use dashboards as the default starting point when visiting a Jira instance? (instead of “Projects” or “Your Work”?

Hey Anthony - yes, we will be allowing Dashboards to be set as the homepage for Jira Cloud users :slight_smile: This work is scheduled to start after we roll out our new Dashboards experience, so we’re looking at Jan/Feb 2021 in terms of delivery. Hope this alleviates concerns!


Best “new feature” update of 2020 so far =)

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Is this not using the standard early release instance list? Are we going back to manually signing up for all EAPs?

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What @boris said… I don’t mind having early access views for things that I might have a vested interest in. But as soon as it’s heading out - please give us a couple of days to burn it in on the developer instances… Signing up for an EAP is not a replacement.

Hey Boris, the general EAP for partners will still get the new Dashboards experience soon - I was advised to only expose this new experience to the list when we’re ~5 days away from shipping to customers. This separate program is just to get a change like this to partners sooner, and fix any serious issues before it moves onto the general EAP.

So in a way, it’s an EAP before the general EAP… taking into account the holiday season, it was important for us to provide more than 5 days for partners to play around with it.

Update 8 January 2021 - thank you for the feedback and comments, and for the active participation. The EAP is now closed, and we will take the time to address all partner reported bugs before shipping to customers. Thanks!


Thanks for clarifying Marcus. Your original post mentions when this wraps up. How should we know when this is live in our instance?

Maybe now wallboard support could finally be addressed too? If this is not going to be supported, why keep the links to this functionality there?