Announcing AMPS 6.3.14

AMPS version 6.3.14 is now available

One change you may want to be aware of is that AMPS will now override maxThreads settings for Confluence, this is inline with the recommended environment settings for confluence.

More details can be found in the Release Notes

How to use AMPS 6.3.14
Use the flag -u 6.3.14 to specify the AMPS version when running your atlas-create-XPRODUCTX-plugin commands or with atlas-run or atlas-run-standalone --product commands. You can also specify the AMPS version in the product POM for existing projects.


I realise this is slightly OT but reading the Release notes I cannot help to wonder what a Johnson is? :slight_smile:

AMPS-1420 - Need to override maxThreads settings for Confluence to prevent users seeing a Johnson on Confluence launch


I was wondering about that too! :slight_smile:

Confluence Johnson checks are errors and warnings presented to the administrator when performing an upgrade so that they are empowered to self-service their errors leading to more successful upgrades.

Regardless our team got a really good laugh at your comment this morning.


In case anyone want to look at source code.