Announcing AMPS 6.3.16

AMPS version 6.3.16 is now available

There are number of bug fixes and improvements in this release.

Full details can be found in the Release Notes

How to use AMPS 6.3.16
Use the flag -u 6.3.16 to specify the AMPS version when running your atlas- commands (or you can specify the AMPS version in the POM).


I tried to upgrade AMPS via homebrew (on Mac OS), but the latest version available via homebrew seems to be 6.3.10. I’m not a homebrew expert, so it’s possible that I’ve just missed a step in the process. Can you confirm the availability?

Hi David,

You don’t install AMPS on your system, I think you might be thinking of the Atlassian Plugin SDK (which has a bundled version of AMPS).

I haven’t released a version of the SDK with AMPS 6.3.16 as yet, so you need to either specify the AMPS version with -u 6.3.16 when using an atlas- command (such as atlas-create-jira-plugin or atlas-run). Alternatively you can specify the AMPS version in the POM.

As for the Atlassian Plugin SDK, I’ll update you on the community forums when it’s out.


Exactly so. Thanks Melissa.

Thanks for the release. It resolves several painful points for us.