Announcing AMPS 6.3.3



AMPS version 6.3.3 is now available, which has some minor improvements and bug fixes (you can find release notes below).

How to use AMPS 6.3.3

New projects
Use the flag -u 6.3.3 to specify the AMPS version when running your atlas-create-<prod>-plugin commands or with atlas-run-standalone --product <product> commands.

Existing projects
Tor existing projects search for the <amps.version> tags in your project POM and ensure they refer to version 6.3.3.

Release Notes - Atlassian Maven Plugin Suite - Version 6.3.3


  • [AMPS-1396] - atlas-create-fecru-plugin retrieves a very old version of fecru which is not compatible with Java 1.7 or 1.8
  • Improvement

  • [AMPS-1158] - New JIRA plugins should have source encoding and compiler version
  • [AMPS-1395] - update default product versions for AMPS

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    I am after the tar.gz distribution this is not available through the usual channels:



    Hi Angel,

    We don’t release a tar.gz distribution of AMPS, this is just available as a POM. I think you might be thinking of the SDK which is the software which is installed on your machine and works as a kind of ‘wrapper’ for AMPS.

    I’ll be releasing the Atlassian Plugin SDK with the updated AMPS version in coming weeks.

    In the interim, you just need to specify your AMPS version by updating your <amps.version> tags or using the flag -u 6.3.3 when running ‘atlas-run-standalone’.

    I hope that explains.