Announcing Forge – a new way to build and run apps for Atlassian cloud

We’re excited to announce Forge – Atlassian’s serverless app development platform. :sparkles: The Forge platform features three key components that will revolutionize cloud app development for our ecosystem:

  1. A hosted offering, with Atlassian-operated compute and storage
  2. A flexible declarative UI language (Forge UI) that will let you build interactive user experiences with just a few lines of code
  3. A state-of-the-art DevOps toolchain, powered by the intuitive Forge CLI

All of this includes security by default. Some of you saw a preview of Forge at Atlas Camp, and you loved it. Check out all the highlights from Atlas Camp (now with Forge content): Thank you for your patience while we held onto these videos until today’s announcement. :pray:

Today, we’re rolling out Forge as part of a closed beta. To learn more and join the waitlist, head to Your feedback will be critical in helping us build and scale Forge to developers worldwide – we can’t wait to see what you build! :boom:

We realize that the excitement of Forge may bring up some questions from your end – we’ll be publishing more details on Forge in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! :tada:

:heart: Cheers and happy holidays,

Atlassian Developer Platform


Excellent news, congrats :slight_smile: - could you please clarify the following:

Many fellow vendors have already registered by means of the badge scan at Atlas Camp, and a few seem to have been granted access recently, but the majority has not. It is now unclear whether the badge scan just didn’t work for the majority and we need to queue up again?

It’s a bit confusing, because the badge scan had been promoted as an unqualified perk for Atlas Camp attendees, whereas ‘closed beta’ and ‘waitlist’ sounds vetted now :wink:


Hi Steffen,

Great to see you’re excited about Forge!

We granted early access to a small number of external developers a couple of weeks ago to prove out the platform. We’ll be rolling out to all Atlas Camp attendees in the next couple of weeks—ahead of those signing up on the public waitlist :slight_smile: