Any chance to get tool tip bubbles for the collapsed navigation menu

Just to make one thing clear, I really like the new design of the ADG3 navigation.

However it takes up a lot of real estate on my screen so I use the collapsed variant. Hence the need for the tooltips, it would greatly improve my navigation speed if I did not have to click through all available options before I find what I want, or un-collapse the menu, click the thing and then re-collapse it.

I have provided a screenshot from Bitbucket, I always struggle to find the correct page in there. I was looking for the history, but failed to find it without peeking on the un-collapsed menu.

Is this something you would consider? Or is it perhaps already in your backlog? What can I do to convince you that it is a good idea…?


@martin I’m checking with the team on this. Will get back to you soon.

@martin you should be able to do this with the latest versions of Navigation. Eg

Cheers for that!

Any news on if and when will this feature could be enabled on Atlassian services, for instance Bitbucket?