Any JiraCloud App not displayed when JiraCloud rendered in an iframe

When rendering Jira Cloud in an iframe no JiraCloud App is displayed.

Browser (Chrome) prints following errors:

The problems seems to be similar to CONFCLOUD-64739

Our case is that we would like to use framework to implement E2E test. The framework opens tested sites in an iframe.


Hi @bartlomiej.janczak,

Does the main Jira frame load correctly?


Hi, I have similar issue.
In my scenario I’m using cypress to:

  • Login (this part is very hard with cypress btw, works only with chrome)
  • Navigate to my instance
  • Navigate to any addon

After that similar errors occurred.

Yes, it does.

Hi @bartlomiej.janczak,

I’m a little surprised the main frame renders as iframing Jira Cloud is not something I thought we support. When I ran a quick test, the entire iframe was not rendered due to Jira sending an X-Frame-Options: sameorigin HTTP header.


@dmorrow Due to and I had to disable web security and install " Ignore X-Frame headers" extension to login into Jira Cloud.

It would be awesome to use Cypress for e2e tests in Jira Cloud.

Hi @galczo5,

That makes explains the difference in what we observe. I’m not sure why the app iframes don’t render, but given this is not a supported mode of operation, I can’t see the Jira team prioritising an investigation into this.