Any one know the section or location of the export button?

Does anyone happen to know the location/section of the export button in as it seems to be well hidden and Scriptrunner doesn’t reveal the location.
I also noticed that you can’t create a button there that is a drop down like in other sections. Has anyone else come across this?
Screenshot 2022-02-02 at 07-41-34 TP-15 New employee Jim - Your Company Jira

Should be


That will give you the location of the export button but not the ability to add to it.
I also noticed you can not add a drop down button to the section like the others.

Sorry, I didn’t spot that the button / menu should behave in the same way as export with drop-down.
To know exactly what happens behind the scenes, look at the Jira source code directly.

My feeling would be that it could work in the same way as when you want to create a button next to the Create Issue button: Solved: create button in top application bar?

If ScriptRunner hasn’t changed, you can’t create a web panel with a .vm as source… I’ve use a simple hello world plugin with a web panel back in the days.

Sadly it doesn’t behave the same way and the scriptrunner tool that exposes the names of the fragments as they call it fails to show anything for the export button.
I have searched through the source code however I think it maybe in one of their bundled plugins as the typical xml files do not list that button just the others like create as you mentioned.