Any plans to include permission/restriction for eligible entities in V.2?

With the current state of V.2 it seems like you cannot create a page/blogpost/space with restriction. This would mean that everything created using V.2 will be public and viewable by everyone.

I would suggest/request to include a restrictions array just like V.1. This will allow blocking certain users/groups from viewing/editing the entities (space, page, blogpost etc…).


Hi @ParthRewind! Thank you for the feedback here.

In terms of restricting spaces/blog posts/spaces, please continue to use the non-deprecated endpoints: Create space & Create private space (can use permissions field), and Content restrictions (group of endpoints that can be used for pages/blog posts).

We are working on a V2 endpoint Get space permissions and will release as soon as able. In the meantime, please continue to use the above V1 endpoints for anything else permissions/restrictions related.

Please let me know if I can help in any other way, thank you!

edit - I also wanted to add on here: I see that the above does cover applying restrictions to a space on creation, but does not apply to applying restrictions to a page or blog post on creation, only after creation. This is a gap, since Create content (endpoint used to create content with restrictions object) is now deprecated. I will bring this to the team!