Any way to detect whether a customer has other Atlassian products?

I have 2 plugins with similar functionality for different Atlassian products (one for JIRA Cloud and one for Confluence Cloud).

When a customer installs my plugin in Confluence Cloud, Is there any way for me to detect whether the customer also has JIRA installed? And if so, what kind of information can I get?

Hi @ademoss, there’s a couple of…interesting ways I can think of,

  1. Make a REST call to applinks and parse what else the instance is linked to. In a cloud account primary system applinks will be present for each product. Note these aren’t documented calls and responses vary a bit, so things may change AND of course YMMV,
    – JIRA: /rest/applinks/latest/applicationlink
    – Confluence: /wiki/rest/applinks/latest/applicationlink
    – example (you need to be auth’d):

  2. Ask them. Sounds contrite however users that have a willingness to engage may be likely to respond to post-install (or even better, later during some conversion journey) survey / expand messaging about how their team gets even better with ademoss for JIRA also installed.