Any way to fetch project properties from multiple projects at once?

Hi everyone,

we are storing certain information in the project properties. We are using a single property key and store the property in each individual project.

Now, I’d like to fetch the values of all of those properties at once, without the need to query each individual project separately, like:

/rest/api/2/project/<Project 1>/properties/myProperty
/rest/api/2/project/<Project 2>/properties/myProperty
/rest/api/2/project/<Project 3>/properties/myProperty

/rest/api/2/project/<Project 100>/properties/myProperty

I’ve looked at the eval endpoint to aggregate the properties from multiple projects, but I don’t think this is possible with eval - is it?

Do you see a way to use the eval endpoint or any other way that would allow to aggregate multiple project properties, so that they are retrieved with one call to the REST API instead of one call per project? Of course, it would only need to return the properties of the projects the caller has access to.

Thanks in advance!

It is, but you are limited to loading the properties only from 9 projects at once, due to complexity limits. The expression would look like this:

[new Project("key-1"), new Project("key-2"), ..., new Project("key-9")].map(p =>
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