Any way to upload and display files in Forge

Am working on two different apps using Forge UI KITS and Forge Custom UI. Is there anyway or formats to upload and display image,documents. pdf, to and from Forge Storage API or do we have to store all those files externally(Eg to 3rd party website)


Are you aware of Forge Platform quotas and limits? I don’t know the details of your files and their storage patterns, but it seems like common file sizes would exhaust the Forge Storage quickly.

Could you explain more why standard attachments aren’t sufficient? Why do your Apps need something else to upload and display files?

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Thanks Sir @ibuchanan for getting back to me. Standard file attachment is okay for me. please how do I do it. all i want is to be able to upload files, images from my forge applications. any tutorial link on file attachment is very okay by me.
Waiting to hear from you soon.