Anyone group in a Service Desk permission scheme

Hi All,

I have a use case between JIRA Service Desk and Confluence to share Service Desk issues anonymously on a Confluence calendar. The end goal here is to have end users be able to open a shared Confluence space with an embedded calendar without having to first sign into Confluence.

To accomplish this I took an existing Confluence calendar and embedded it to a shared space with anonymous access enabled. From here users are able to view the calendar without logging into Confluence.

This works, but users are only able to view custom events in the calendar and not Service Desk issues. This is because anonymous users have no access in the Service Desk project’s permission scheme. A workaround for this is to add the “Anyone” group to the Browse Project permission in the project’s permission scheme.

Now I’m able to anonymously view Service Desk project issues in the Confluence Calendar, but when I log in to the Service Desk project in question I get the following error for the project’s permission scheme.
This doesn’t negatively affect the project, but it does cause confusion for project administrators that may inadvertently click the link to View error details and repair the problem and undo the changes to the permission scheme. Is there a way to suppress or acknowledge this message so that it no longer displays? Ideally, this would only need to be for this particular Service Desk project.