Anyone know of good up-to-date tutorials or books to get started with Jira App development?

I have the book “Practical Jira Plugins” (by Matthew B. Doar) (Practical JIRA Plugins: Using JIRA Effectively: Custom Development 1, Doar, Matthew B., eBook -
It’s well written, and explains things well - but unfortunately it’s from 2011, and based on Jira 5.x. Lots of things are out of date, or just slightly different - enough to make things very difficult to figure out for someone new to developing Jira apps/plugins.

I have also followed the Atlassian tutorial here:

but this also seems to be out of date, and, again, includes items that are no longer used etc. - making it very difficult to get started.

Does anyone know of a good, up-to-date (valid for Jira 8.x, preferably 8.20+) tutorial, guide, training session, book, or anything else to help me get started with some basic plugin building?


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